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Unleash Abundance through the Circle of Giving and Receiving

Does this work feed your soul?  Do you—whether as a result of engaging with this material or through some other way—feel an expanded appreciation for your connection to the world around you and the life you are creating?  We welcome your contributions! 

A powerful way to unleash a greater flow of abundance is to give to people and organizations that have enriched your life in a personally meaningful way. Like priming a pump, a consistent practice that includes conscious giving where there is a deep personal connection to receiving (connecting the two is the key) unleashes a generative flow or “third energy”.  When giving and receiving are engaged in a way that is deeply personal to you – in other words,  held as a uniquely personal co-creative and balanced whole  -- an unstoppable momentum of prosperity builds in alignment with your unfolding life purpose.

As proponents who actively practice freeing up the flow of energy in the form of giving money to what feeds our soul, we have seen the result for ourselves and others and, therefore, endorse the notion of giving to organizations and people who have enhanced your life as a way of creating more life- enhancing flow and abundance for yourself and for the world.  It is an inherent part of actively creating from the both/and of polarity as a dynamic co-creative expression of wholeness. 

While we would gratefully accept any contribution you may wish to give to this organization, we feel even more strongly that you consider giving, without attachment, to whatever provides you with an expanded sense of your highest self, or bestows upon you a profound moment of appreciation, or nourishes you with a sense of joyful expansion.  Whether it is a waitress in the local diner, a beloved relative, a wonderful neighbor, an organization whose work has moved you in some way, or your local mosque, synagogue, temple, or church, we encourage the flow of energy in those places where you feel nourished and compelled. 

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