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Tap the Mystery: Navigating Polarity as Wholeness and the Emergent Third Way

This Workshop was first presented at the Co-active Summit in Marco Island, Florida, in 2011. Contact us if you'd like it to be presented to your group.

What untapped mystery has the power to create a leap in consciousness – now? When we learn to consciously and skillfully engage both “sides” of a polarity as an un-dividable whole, without trying to resolve or fix the creative tension that ensues, we begin to engage the mystery and unleash a force that propels a transformative leap to a whole new paradigm. We refer to this force as The Emergent Third Way.

In this pathway you gain a visceral sense of how the wholeness inherent in contrasting perspectives (polarity) is at the core of our ability to powerfully create in every aspect of life.

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Our Commitment to You

Here at Polarity Pathways, we're committed to one thing: empowering you to create at the highest possible level from a perspective of wholeness.

That means providing you with the tools, training and support you need to be able to make a fundamental shift in how you orient yourself such that you unleash and engage your creative capacity to the fullest.

Whether in your relationships, business, or life in general, if you’re ready to leap to a more sustainable world—and worldview—in spite of uncertainty, this is the place to begin.

We're acutely aware that traditional paths and practices, as powerful as they once were, have a limited amount to offer those of us who are ready to take the leap. We need new practices and perspectives that are in step with today’s vastly changing world and the ever increasing pressure to attend to the bottom line.

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Talk with other members of the group about polarities you encounter in your life and business, and enjoy engaging with everyone working towards the magic of wholeness!