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Intro to Polarity and Wholeness:  A Personal Transformation Workshop

This workshop is a personal journey into the inner workings of Polarity and Wholeness.  Learn to apply the Polarity and Wholeness System (PAWS) such that you experience what it’s like to get into the zone where circumstances are primed to access the ever present Third Energy that goes beyond the mere blending of differences to a whole other creative dimension.

Join us on a content-rich experiential adventure into the land of Wholeness, where you will marry the curiosity of the mind with the richness of experiential learning. Leave this adventure with helpful tools you can apply in your life, relationships or business on the journey ahead.

Here is some of what you can expect:

























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Talk with other members of the group about polarities you encounter in your life and business, and enjoy engaging with everyone working towards the magic of wholeness!