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Polarity and Wholeness
Fundamentals Teleclass
with Debra Wilton-Kinney and Sam House

Included in this Series are four 90 minutes calls which you can attend live or listen to via a recording. Also included is one 30 minute personalized Polarity and Wholeness coaching session. Contact us to set up a teleclass for your group.

Module 1: Overview and Learning to Recognize Polarity at Play: finding the disconnected, energy draining forces

First, we'll step back and take in the big picture highlighting the differences and benefits to this alternate way of seeing, being and engaging in your life. You will learn to perceive Polarity/Wholeness and to identify or frame the existence of a polarity. We will dive deep into the following questions:

Module 2: Clean it Up and Amp it Up
Making Connections that are Generative

As we continue to practice seeing polarity at play in everyday situations, next we observe and explore the poles of a polarity more closely.  We examine deeply the divergent truths of each pole by “amping up” the experience and the truth of each side. As awareness of the whole situation grows we make meaningful connections that we had not understood before….and we begin to unleash a new capacity to create. 

Module 3: Plug it In and Go!

Navigating the unleashed flow and the traps along the way
By now, we begin to understand that this is a dynamic process of wholeness that is always at play and we need to be conscious of what it takes to skillfully participate with the unleashed creative capacity that we have invited into our lives!  Once we learn to recognize and connect disconnected forces so that they become generative, we then need to stay alert to old patterns that may sneak in and begin to take over. We learn to dance with resistance, guide with intention and experiment with an understanding of co-creative balance. Questions we will explore are:

Module 4: The Role of Intention and What’s Next
Meeting Yourself Coming and Going on the Journey

We will explore a unique way to set and apply the power of intention to guide you along the way. Finally, we'll examine what it means for each of us to take the steps we need to take to bring what we've learned and experienced into full manifestation and embodiment now and in the future—what it means to truly sustain a Polarity Wholeness perspective that enables us to leap to the next level and sustain it! We will wrap-up with an opportunity to create community as we set out to continue our journey with this new and evolving lens… everyone needs the support of kindred spirits, particularly when confronting a challenge as fundamental as shifting to a polarity and wholeness worldview and practicing it in our everyday lives. 


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