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Polarity Pathways December 2010 Dialogue Call

December marks the end of one year and the emergence into the New Year.  It is a time of celebration, of feasting, of giving and of receiving.  In this month’s Dialogue Call, we explored the Whole Life Polarity of Empty(giving) and Full(receiving).  Like a new pair of glasses, the Whole Life Polarity of Empty and Full can be a lens to look through our patterns of eating, drinking, spending, consuming, hoarding, and cramming, as well as dieting, fasting, withholding, and restricting.  The healthy version of this cycle is life-affirming, as we flow between the two poles of empty and full.  The distorted version of this cycle is life-diminishing. 

Polarity Pathways November 2010 Dialogue Call

The Emergence into Wholeness:  What is Wholeness?   How does one experience the true state of Oneness, of Wholeness, of Unity Consciousness?  Why is an experience of Wholeness even important in this world that we live in?  How do you transcend and include the Newtonian state of Polarities in order to expand into the Quantum field of Wholeness?  Come and join us as we look at how the co-creative dance of Polarities is one of the fastest ways to achieve and remain connected to the experience wholeness.

Polarity Pathways October 2010 Dialogue Call

Blowing up the Myth of Compromise
The Myth:  compromise is an art form; it is a method of insuring that everyone benefits in some way and gets something.  It is a way to heal conflict, to create agreement, and make consensus possible in the face of stalemate.  “I give a little and you give a little.  Together, we compromise.  Is everybody happy?”  Well, no, not really.  In this Month’s Dialogue Call, we looked at the ways in which compromise fuels resentment, gives rise to victim-hood, dis-empowers, and plants seeds for future conflict.  In the Way of Polarity and Wholeness, there is no need for compromise.  There is only need for the complete truth of each side of the polarity.  There is room for re-defining reality itself, to allow for a new possibility not imagined before by either side—a reality that does not involve giving away power for the sake of compromise, but rather honors and respects all sides, making way for an emerging new possibility, a third way.  This call provoked new thinking and busted apart old paradigms for dealing with conflict.

Polarity Pathways September 2010 Dialogue Call

In this month’s Dialogue Call, we looked at the promises of the full expression of the core masculine and feminine energies. We examined the shell of the masculine and the feminine and the stifling impact it has on our true nature. Here we return to where it all began: Feminine and Masculine. What is possible when the Nurturer, the Maiden, the Crone and the Seductress are fully expressed,? What is possible when the Lover, the Warrior, the Jester/Trickster, and the King show up in unvarnished magnificence? These are some of the classic expressions of the feminine and masculine essence.

Polarity Pathways July 2010 Dialogue Call

In this month’s call we explored the third aspect of the Polarity and Wholeness Model called Navigating the Flow with Purpose. Once a polarity is framed and “cleaned up”, there is an alchemic process that begins to take place. We often say, the first two steps of the PAWS (Polarity and Wholeness System) are where “we do polarity”… it’s more left brain…. but then, when the polarity is held as a co-creative whole, the polarity will start to “do you”. Possibilities and synchronicities begin to occur and if we aren’t open, inviting and conscious/intentional, we can inadvertently pinch the flow or shut it down all together! Navigating the flow requires that we become more conscious and focused and at the same time get out of the way. We touch on the three Navigational Polarities that are key to navigating this third energy flow with ease.

Polarity Pathways June 2010 Dialogue Call

This month we were honored to have Alexa Williamson as our special guest on the call. Alexa is an expert in polarity and wholeness work in body mind and spirit. She is trained in RYSE™, (Realizing Your Sublime Energies™) based on polarity therapy and is a gifted intuitive and yoga practitioner. She has worked with Debra over the past 5 years as her teacher and coach and has worked with both Sam and Debra on a number of occasions to expand and refine the Polarity and Wholeness System.  Come learn about the energetic qualities of polarities, the way they work together and the ways in which a “dirty” pole can drain your life energy.

Polarity Pathways May 2010 Dialogue Call

This month’s call focused on the Whole Life Polarity of Body and Mind and the emergent Third energy of Universal Wisdom.  Peter Senge is quoted as saying “People cannot afford to choose between reason and intuition, or head and heart any more than they would choose to walk on one leg or see with one eye.”  What doors open when we learn to carry the lens of body and mind as access to the limitless wisdom (our own as well as the collective) that goes far beyond the knowledge we have accumulated over time.

Polarity Pathways April 2010 Dialogue Call

This month’s dialogue call focused on exploring the Third Way--the unlimited energy available when a polarity is engaged. Usually, when we think of a polarity we imagine the negating, resistant nature of the two poles (think of the political climate in Washington DC these days). However, those same poles, when engaged to discover and unleash their co-creative qualities, provide a naturally-occurring powerful energy that carries qualities of both poles yet bears little resemblance to either pole.

Polarity Pathways March 2010 Dialogue Call

Given our intention to actively collaborate with the leading edge thinkers and doers pioneering the Polarity and Wholeness approach, this month's call featured distinguished guests Cliff Kayser and Margaret Seidler reviewing the Polarity Management Model and approach based on the work of Barry Johnson. 

Polarity Pathways February 2010 Dialogue Call

In this month's Dialogue call, we continued the conversation about the ESSENTIAL creative tension that exists between two sides of a polarity. We examined the gifts--along with the liabilities--of the other pole and how embracing the creative tension between two poles can lead to the emergence of brand new ideas and possibilities.

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