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Polarity & Wholeness

Paws: The POLARITY and Wholeness System


Why is Polarity and Wholeness Important? Polarities are present in every conceivable expression of the life experience, without exception, and yet we often don’t see them. Nor do we understand that they are constantly at work, shaping and defining how we think about, experience and engage all situations in our lives. Polarities exist from the sub-atomic level, to the galactic level. They are at play in the small nuanced experience of every thought we form to the complex formation of merging corporate cultures, and everything between and beyond. Our ability to consciously work with them is empowering and allows us to create from any situation, no matter how difficult or challenging.

Why don’t we see them? Quite simply, we tend to determine what is “real” or “true” in our world by looking through one lens and claiming that what we are seeing or experiencing is the only real or true reality. As we look through this lens, we decide what is real or true because we observe it, experience it, or are convinced in some way. We then become attached to the belief that we have formed about this reality. We soon gather evidence that reinforces our understanding of this belief. At this point we are unknowingly pinching off a powerful creative force.

In truth, there are always one or many more realities than the one that we see, which are either the opposite of, or in some way in contrast to, the original reality. None of them are “better” than another. They are just different qualities that make up a whole. When we can soften and expand our vision to embrace simultaneous perspectives in the midst of experiencing “reality”, we include the broader, expanded multitude of possibilities that the WHOLE offers.

A simple example: When we walk outside in the evening and look around to see how dark it is, we fundamentally know that the sky will lighten in the early morning hours. We don’t fall under the belief that there is no daylight and there is only night. Instead, we naturally understand the ebb and flow between the two poles of day and night. We embrace the WHOLE of the dance between day and night. This simple example reminds us of this truth in every other aspect of life, without exception.

And yet, in the conduct of our own lives, we often hold a view of reality which is similar to saying that there is only night. How limiting! Only by becoming aware of polarities, and then consciously engaging them as dynamic whole, can we experience the freedom to create and live an unencumbered life. When we live from a wholeness perspective a whole new world opens up to us – we have access to the ever present Third Energy that goes beyond the mere blending of differences to a whole other creative dimension. Come join us on a journey to expand awareness, where we learn about wholeness through discovering polarities and their dynamic dance. Here you will discover how to unleash the awesome flow of energy and learn to navigate it with grace!

Here’s What You Will Learn when using PAWS:

Frame it — Make Polarity Visible as a Whole
We learn to look behind the single “reality” of any situation and see that it is part of a larger polarity. We create a new framework for looking at any situation or opportunity. This takes practice because it is fundamentally different than the way we are accustomed to viewing our world!

Skill: Train self to perceive Polarity/Wholeness

Skill: Identify or frame the existence of a polarity using Whole Life Polarities as a frame of reference

Skill: Listen for:

  • Either/Or Thinking
  • Singular Reality
  • Compromised or Muddy position
  • Any representation of the Drama Triangle (Savior, Persecutor, Victim)

Amp it up Expand Awareness and Make Meaningful Connection
We explore the poles of the polarity more closely. We examine deeply the divergent truths of each pole by “Amping up” the experience and the truth of each side. In doing so, our awareness of the whole situation grows and we make meaningful connections that we had not understood before. We learn to hold the tension as a creative rather than a destructive tension. Similar to the electricity that can flow when the positive and negative poles of an electrical plug are connected properly, we unleash the third energy that becomes available when our own personal polarity has become clear and is connected in such a way that it supports our desired creation.

Skill: Detox the individual poles

  • Reclaim shadow: positive and negative disowned aspects
  • Inquiry: explore and expand definitions and beliefs of each pole

Skill: Amplify the And

  • Cross-Pole Dialogue: Discover how each pole impacts the other and shift boundary manager to connector

Skill: Reframe Whole Polarity to Both/and

  • Language and Structures to embrace and engage Creative Tension

Plug it in — Navigate Flow with Purpose
Once the whole is charged up, how do we keep the energy flowing freely and directed towards our desired outcome? Navigating the flow requires that we become more conscious and focused and at the same time get out of the way. There are three “polarity dances”(and numerous derivatives) that we learn to work with as we become expert navigators of this powerful Third Energy. The Three Navigational Polarities become a way of life:

Skill: The Big YES : The Resistance/Acceptance Dance

  • Learn to identify and notice resistance: in a personal and meaningful way
  • Tools to shift from resistance to acceptance (of what is) as a starting point to make room for the creative process to become fully engaged

Skill: Whole Play : The Observe/Engage Dance

  • Practice Wholeness awareness with inquiry: Step out of whatever is happening in order to see it as a dynamic whole. When we observe something it already begins to change – in essence we have engaged it with consciousness.
  • Choose to engage based on observation of whole: Experiment playfully, lean in, try it out and notice results. What will create balance? What needs to be cleaned up? What will prime the pump and get the flow going?

Skill: Hanta Yo! : The Surrender/Commit Dance

  • Surrender: Allow intention/direction to be revealed or bubble up from a true desire
  • Create a focus for the flow: life purpose, goal, intention – work with it until you feel the clunk (it’s in the mailbox)
  • Surrender: Let go of the form and the how… while being curious about and noticing the evidence that shows up to support the unfolding


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