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There are many approaches to coaching, most of which look like a variation of the other. Some emphasize results more while others emphasize the importance of increasing awareness, so that results can follow. In these approaches, problems are something to resolve, challenges are something to overcome. In this old paradigm, there is a false belief that, if the right solution is found, then success will follow.

Enter Polarity and Wholeness coaching. With a new paradigm for addressing the challenging conditions of the present day, Polarity and Wholeness Coaching is unique. When a challenging situation is encountered while looking the lens of Polarity and Wholeness, the solution no longer appears to be opposite of the difficulty. Instead, the difficulty or the problem is embraced and seen as a rich opportunity to achieve a whole new solution or a whole new way of being.

A Polarity and Wholeness coaching approach first focuses on identifying the current reality, and then surfacing the opposite or the complement to the current reality. Where most coaching approaches will seek a solution that looks to coach and client as a specific, preferred answer to the dilemma, a Polarity and Wholeness approach embraces both poles or sides of an issue--and looks to reveal the creative tension between the two. This creative tension is dynamic and filled with possibility. With courage and curiosity, the coach and client engage each pole in an intentional way, looking to see how the relationship between the different realities represented by each pole is actually an opportunity to create something entirely new.

Imagine the in-breath and the out-breath, each representing one side of an issue. Most coaching approaches will reveal that the coach is working with the client to, in effect, resolve the issue at hand by choosing a preferred aspect of the breath, such as the in-breath. Imagine trying to go through life, with a preference for only breathing in!

Now, imagine the coach working with the client to appreciate the unwelcome aspect of the clientís challenging situation (akin to an in-breath), and then working with the clientís preferred choice (akin to the out-breath). As these two realities are engaged in the most positive way, a truly remarkable and new possibility emerges that neither coach nor client imagined. As you think of what is possible when the in-breath and the out-breath are engaged, it is so much bigger than in and out working together; what emerges instead is the unvarnished Whole and it is called Life itself. It is much bigger than the sum of in-breath plus out-breath; it is an altogether new "Third Way" that is greater than the sum of the parts.

Using a Polarity and Wholeness approach to engage opposite sides of a polarity for the sake of discovering the remarkable Wholeness that emerges as a breakthrough solution, is what sets this unique approach to working with people apart from other coaching approaches. Transformational breakthroughs opposed to neat solutions emerge as what is possible using this approach.

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