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Presentation at the 2009 ICF Conference

Uncovering and Engaging Polarities: Coaching Clients' Wholeness through Engagement of Opposites

presented by Debra Wilton-Kinney and Sam House

Here is a summary of the 90-minute presentation that was quite the buzz at the 2009 ICF Conference in Orlando FL.

“Creating powerfully requires the opposite of what you may think! Why?

Opposites are at the core of the creation process and are the key to going beyond sustainability to a generative life. Since the law of opposites is a universal law that is always in play but tends to remain unconscious, we are often unaware of the dynamic interplay of polarities in our own or our clients' lives. Unwittingly, we miss the rich opportunity that lies in exploring opposites in order to find a successful and generative pathway that is grounded in wholeness. Our failure to see and engage the polarities in our clients' lives restricts the creative flow they've hired us to help them find!

Learn to apply the Polarity Coaching Model to get in the zone where circumstances are primed to access the ever present Third Energy that goes beyond the mere blending of differences to a whole other creative dimension.”

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